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Precision Ag Connectivity & Accuracy Stakeholder Alliance

Bringing broadband to rural America through better data

"We recommend that the broadband availability and quality data be independently verifiable, using methods consistent across the country."

     --FCC's Task Force for Reviewing the Connectivity and Technology Needs for Precision Agriculture in the United States (11/10/21)

The Precision Ag Connectivity & Accuracy Stakeholder Alliance (PAgCASA) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization whose mission is to design, field test, and deploy technical and policy tools needed to ensure accurate broadband mapping and equitable deployment across America to ignite rural prosperity.

Consistent with the Broadband DATA Act of 2020 and the recent findings of the FCC's Precision Ag Task Force, PAgCASA aims to drive transparent broadband mapping methodology specific to rural America by establishing a standards-based, open source toolkit for collecting accurate, granular, crowdsourced, and citizen-centric data.


Accurate broadband maps are essential to inform wise infrastructure investments and effective broadband deployment for communities still left behind.

Click here to see PAgCASA's latest service offerings for States and Counties.


OECD Workshop on Internet Performance Measurement, 4/22/24
"Where Do We Stand and the Road Ahead - Methodological Approaches," presented by Bill Woodcock of the Packet Clearing House, in collaboration with PAgCASA. The workshop was held in Paris, and brought together leading global experts from the academic and regulatory community on methodologies to improve Internet performance measurement. (Additional information about the workshop can be found on the Technical tab.)

New Broadband Transparency Labels Role Out Nationwide, 4/10/24
Greater transparency in ISP broadband service pricing will need to be coupled with third-party validation of quality of service and speed claims

US Allocates $42B in Broadband Funding, Find Out How Much Your State Will Get,  6/26/23
"States, D.C., and territories ("Eligible Entities") will receive their formal notice of allocation on June 30, 2023. Eligible Entities have 180 days from the date of that formal notice to submit their Initial Proposals describing how they propose to run their grant programs. Eligible Entities can begin submitting their Initial Proposals starting July 1, 2023. Once NTIA approves an Initial Proposal, which will occur on a rolling basis, Eligible Entities will be permitted to request access to at least 20 percent of their allocated funds."  

PAgCASA Submits Comments on NTIA's Proposed Model BEAD Challenge Process, 5/5/23
Comments highlight merits of device-driven testing methodology to measure broadband speed and latency for greatest accuracy and accountability

"On Maps, States Need a Digital Sheriff to Fend for Themselves,", 2/27/23
The day the music stopped for rural America with the release of FCC's "new" map
(Article published by PAgCASA's Executive Director Garland McCoy)

"Broadband Offices Chart Path Through FCC Mapping 'Mess'," StateScoop, 2/13/23
Unserved and underserved communities could be left behind in what some are calling a "rushed" process led by the NTIA and FCC  (PAgCASA's Jim Cupples quoted in article)

"Oregon County, Nonprofit Testing Rural Broadband,", 12/30/22
PAgCASA, a national nonprofit organization is working with Polk County in western Oregon to test broadband internet in rural homes

Jim Cupples of PAgCASA
Jim Cupples of PAgCASA

"Polk County Taps PAgCASA to Conduct Broadband Quality of Service Test,"
Industry-Standard Networking Monitoring Devices to be Used to Build Case for FCC's Overreporting of Broadband Connectivity in Polk County

December 23, 2022 -- Dallas, Oregon -- Oregon's Polk County Government has engaged the services of PAgCASA.....  (Click here to read full press release)

"Some State Attorneys General Are Preparing to Take the FCC to Court.", 12/5/22
ticle published by PAgCASA's Executive Director Garland McCoy)

"How Your State Can Defend Its Broadband Maps for Maximum Funds.", 10/6/22
(Article published by PAgCASA's Executive Director Garland McCoy)

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