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PAgCASA our story

The Precision Ag Connectivity & Accuracy Stakeholder Alliance (PAgCASA) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization whose mission is to design, field test, and deploy technical and policy tools needed to ensure accurate broadband mapping and deployment across America to ignite smart agriculture and rural prosperity.


In concert with the Broadband DATA Act enacted in March 2020 and the recent findings of the FCC's Precision Ag Task Force, PAgCASA aims to drive transparent broadband mapping methodology specific to rural America by establishing a standards-based, open source toolkit for collecting accurate, granular, crowdsourced, and citizen-centric data.


Accurate broadband maps that collect all the data (e.g., wire and wireless) are essential to inform wise infrastructure investments and effective broadband deployment for communities still left behind.


The recent pandemic has underscored the importance of digital equity and connectivity. Every American needs access to fast, reliable, and affordable broadband, which can provide life-saving telehealth, necessary remote learning, an equal playing field for rural businesses, and access to the latest agricultural technologies to help feed our planet in an environmentally responsible manner. 

Working together we can make these goals a reality. To do so, PAgCASA is partnering with the public and private sectors, academia, diverse stakeholder communities in this important "ground-truthing" data collection and mapping effort.


Click here to to see PAgCASA's service offerings for States and Counties.

** PAgCASA was formally incorporated as a nonprofit organization in January 2023, and received its IRS determination as a 501(c)(3) public charity in August 2023. A copy of our IRS determination letter can be provided on request by contacting us at

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