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PAgCASA team


The seed for the creation of the Precision Ag Connectivity & Accuracy Stakeholder Alliance (PAgCASA) was the passage of the Farm Bill in December 2018, which established the Precision Ag Connectivity Task Force. 

In response, long-time policy collaborators, Garland McCoy and Peter Harter, co-founded PAgCASA as a non-profit organization to dovetail with the work of the task force to raise awareness for citizen and sensor surveys of rural and agriculture data flows that improve the accuracy of broadband maps.

Garland T. McCoy is a long-time non-profit veteran in the fields of technology and telecommunication policy having served as Founder and CEO of the Technology Education Institute. Garland is an adjunct professor at Syracuse University's iSchool, teaching information policy and decision making.

Peter F. Harter has spent his professional career advising leading corporations and non-profit entities across technology, business, law, and venture finance. He is also co-founder of Markup, a secure voting system company. He and his wife own and actively manage a farm in Oregon.

In the last four years, Garland and Peter have presented to numerous FCC, USDA, Department of Commerce and Congressional meetings and roundtables on what they refer to as a “People-Centered, Future Focused Sensor & Broadband Mapping Campaign,” at which they have been very favorably received. They have also submitted several rounds of comments and replies in response to both FCC and USDA proceedings. (A sampling of these presentations and filings can be found on this website under the "Technical" tab.)


Packet Clearing House (PCH)


PAgCASA has formed a partnership with the Packet Clearing House (PCH), PCH is the highly respected intergovernmental treaty organization responsible for providing operational support and security to critical Internet infrastructure around the globe, including Internet exchange points and the core of the domain name system. 

Oregon State University

PAgCASA has formed a partnership with Oregon State University in building a standardized, citizen-focused broadband data crowdsourcing platform – which is compliant with the Broadband Data Act. Our goal is to ensure that all network data collected will withstand the FCC’s Challenge process, while also producing a credible “ground-truthing” venue for those interested in tracking the broadband infrastructure investment funds in their communities across rural America. 


Ed Ingle, President, New Lantern Partners.  Ed has over 30 years of government affairs, public affairs, and public policy experience in high-stakes environments--including senior positions for Microsoft and the White House. Ed is a passionate advocate for rural prosperity, and owner of a 50-acre farm in rural northwest Tennessee that has been in his family for over 100 years. 
Jim Cupples, CEO and Co-Founder, All the Farms, which uses the latest database technologies to support local farmers so they can sell direct to citizens in their communities. Jim is also CEO and Co-Founder of DroneCheck, which provides sustainable and regenerative agricultural solutions to farmers and ranchers. Jim is expert in blockchain, data analytics, and mapping. 
PAgCASA has also sought input from numerous other agricultural, technology, non-profit organizations, and academic experts -- as well as federal, state, and local officials -- in its efforts to improve the maps that will help close the nation's broadband gap,
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