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PAgCASA technical information

ATTENTION:   The NTIA released its BEAD NOFO document on May 13, 2022 (link below) to provide important guidance to states on how to access the $42.45 billion in broadband infrastructure funding to unserved and underserved communities across the U.S.

PAgCASA can provide states with its exclusive citizen-centric speed-testing methodology that will serve as the Gold Standard for "ground-truthing" to stand up against challenges.

Our hardware/software methodology utilizes a sophisticated measurement appliance, in partnership with Onclave Networks, which provides the highest level of user data and privacy security. We are also able to document speed testing data when the modem is "still," a critical element in delivering a bullet-proof network speed test.

Utilizing our unbiased methodology, PAgCASA can give your state the justification needed to obtain the largest allocation of broadband infrastructure funding possible to reach the most citizens – all in an effort to once and for all close your state’s broadband gap at the earliest opportunity.

Our methodology can also help your state or county stand up to challenges, and provide for a thorough post-buildout audit of infrastructure improvement contract compliance.

For more information on how PAgCASA can help your state or county, please click here .

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